Farnborough Half

Sunday 22nd January is an important date for Farnborough as it hosts the first ever Farnborough Half Marathon. Home of the world famous Air Show, Farnborough has been crying out for a major running event and now, with the full support of Rushmoor Borough Council, we are pleased to launch the Farnborough Winter Half Marathon.

The start and finish area will be under the famous Air Ship hangar in Farnborough Business Park, which now stands as a monument to the past as a great piece of industrial art.

From the hangar the route takes you past the end of the runway and back to the start area so that spectators have a second chance to see you run by. And then it is a surprisingly rural lap through South Wood Park along Kennels Lane before a short stretch on the towpath beside Basingstoke Canal and back on to quiet roads to the finish.

The route is entirely traffic free and predominantly flat, with just a rise at the south end of Farnborough Airfield at 2 and 11 miles, with a nice 1-mile downhill sweep to the finish.


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