Gloucester Half

From the Gloucester Quays start, runners make their way through the town centre at Southgate, Westgate and Northgate Streets where they will make their way around Gloucester Cathedral before heading north towards Kingsholm, home of Gloucester Rugby. They then make their along Escourt Road and north towards Cheltenham passing through Churchdown at the five mile mark.

Then, after passing the Jet Age Museum and Gloucestershire Airport, the runners move through Staverton and out onto quiet, flat country lanes.

This is where the route becomes truly pretty allowing runners to take in the sights as they pass through Boddington and Hardwicke before looping round towards Wainlode and the stunning tranquility of the river Severn.

The runner’s then follow the Severn’s course back into Gloucester emerging from Sandhurst Lane into busy, urban streets and back through to Gloucester Quays where the historic, Victorian,  industrial architecture has been regenerated into a fabulous modern centre for shops, cafes and restaurants.


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