Portsmouth Coastal – Result

Well it might have snowed on the way to Portsmouth, and the hills were all looking white. But Sunday morning was dry, it was cold, with an easterly wind.
Arriving at the Pyramid Centre at Southsea which was the Race HQ, it was surprising very quiet, there was hardly anyone about, the start and finish lines were in place, the queue for the portaloos was empty, and then just after 9am around the corner came the hoards of runners, all of whom had been keeping warm inside.
The race started with a short incline up on to the sea wall, and the run was underway, down along the promenade towards Haying Island, there was no view across the Solent to the Isle of Wight as it was to cloudy, the tide was coming in, and there were scores of spectators out cheering us on.
After leaving the coast line we took a short trip up to the Hayling Island ferry, around the two Life Boat men who were well positioned as a turning around point the next point of interest was the ‘muddy beach’.
The route took us through a small housing estate until we reached the Lock Lake, then we ground to halt as one by one we made our way onto the ‘muddy beach’ but here I think I must have gotten a bit lost as I did not see any mud, yes it was a beach, yes I suppose there was some brown coloured puddles, but mud no there was no mud (come and see Forest of Dean parkrun if you want mud) but anyway the beach was fun, this was where I passed lots of runners, before coming off the shingles, and back onto tarmac.
Following the path up to the Tudor Sailing Club, where the route took us down alongside the busy A2030.
We were then treated to an off road section across Milton Common, back onto the not so ‘muddy beach’, around the edge of Bransbury Park before coming back onto the end of the Promenade and a run back up to the Pyramid Centre dodging all the pedestrians, grabbing some sweets from some children, to the finish and the biggest, hugest medal I have ever received.
Very pleased with my time of 2hrs 44 seconds, a new Personal Best, I properly need to say thank you to the two annoying people behind me who I was trying to get away from who got me to the finish quicker..
An interesting course well signed with some friendly marshal, some not no nice tasting sweets in the goody bag, but a nice warm hall to get changed in.

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