Bournemouth Bay – Result

Sunday morning in Bournemouth was overcast and a bit cold, the weather forecast said that at 10am it was going to be bright sunshine and up to 14C. I was prepared with my suncap on, even though at one point I doubted if I would need it.
Before I got myself to the startline, it was great to see my daughter Jessica (8years) run in the 1k race, she had a big smile at the start and as she crossed the finish line.
As I made my way to the start line, I soon realised that perhaps I was a bit too far near the front than I should be, but as the route was all fenced in there was only one entry point, so I did push my way back a bit, but I was still very near the front.
The race started just west of the pier and headed west, a short way down the promenade at the Chineside cafe, we took a right hand turn and a sharp climb up onto West Overcliff Drive, we continued to head west snaking our way along before coming down through the very picturesque Alum Chine, and back out onto the seafront.
After turning right there was then 7 miles of very flat promenade, watching all the sunbathers, sandcastle builders, beech hut dwellers, coffee drinkers, dodging a few cyclists, some dressed for summer and others still for winter.
Running back through the start and past the pier the next landmark was Boscombe Pier. Onward along the front with views out across to The Needles and the Isle of Wight and my sights were looking for Southbourne, where we left the sea front, and had a circuit of a housing estate before joining the Southbourne Overcliff Road, winding in and out of all the parking places, making sure other runners didn’t push me off into the brambles, it was good to see the occasional view across to Old Harry Rocks.
At Boscombe we dropped down to the Pier, now knowing the finish was in sight. As I approached the finish it was amazing to hear the commentator announce my name as I crossed the finish line, and telling everyone all about my challenge.
Another medal, another t-shirt, no goodybag, but a great time on the beach after recovering.
Finished in 2 hours 1 minuet 5 seconds. I found it tough I think more because it was apart from the views quiet a tedious course. Not sure I would do this one again…
So I now have five weeks until the next half which is The Shakespeare Half marathon at Stratford on 7th May….


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